Retourvignet seal

The seal is always used in conjunction with a hang tag and is ideal for products with an opening, hole, strap or loop. The seal makes it impossible to temporarily remove a hang tag. This is because once broken, a seal cannot be reattached. The seal comes in one size, the hang tag comes in four sizes.

  • 100% abuse-proof
  • patented product

Available formats

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Seal (seperate)

Dimensions: square, 5 per strip (200 per bag) 28 x 20 mm, pin 160 mm

  • 200 pieces € 66.00
  • 1,000 pieces € 321.75
  • 5,000 pieces € 1.443.75
  • 10,000 pieces € 2.475.00

With 10,000 pieces, the price per piece is € 0,25

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