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Making returns sustainable together

Over 13% of all packages received in the Netherlands are returned. Not surprisingly, perhaps, since returns usually cost the consumer nothing. Being able to return an order for free has become an important factor when placing an online order. Unfortunately, this overlooks the environmental impact of returns.


sustainable alternative

Preventing abuse of the return policy

The huge amount of returns is a major cost item for online shops. It also has a significant impact on the environment. This is because the extra transport movements result in more CO2 emissions, and the destruction of unusable items releases harmful substances. And there are many, many returned goods.
The current convenience of returning goods at many online shops has led to a significant increase in serial-returners and customers without any ‘return shame’, who order online indiscriminately and then return practically everything. Abuse lurks: buy > use > return for free. That needs to change.

Over 26%

of returns turn out to be unfit for resale

Research by the UK-based BarclayCard shows that 26 percent of returns from e-commerce are not fit for resale. Products are returned with wear/use marks, requiring sellers to find costly solutions as a result.

  • 26% cannot be sold after return

  • 1.000 returns per day

  • The Netherlands is the European leader in returns

why retourvignet?

Try on and assess, do not wear or use

Retourvignet was created to address consumer abuse of return policies. The vignette should create awareness among consumers and prevent items from being returned used, worn or damaged. Brief fitting or assessment remains possible, but wearing or using them is not possible, as it requires removal of the Retourvignet seal first. Once it has been removed, you can still return it, but the refund is capped to a certain percentage of the purchase price.

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they say



Two birds with one stone

That is the purpose of Retourvignet.
You can read all about it and more in our blogs.


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The solution together with the online shops!

Reduce unusable returns

Together with online shops, we are committed to reducing the number of unsaleable returns. How? By creating awareness and getting the consumer's attention, both on the online shop and during the ordering process.

Online shops that join Retourvignet have the option of displaying the Retourvignet hallmark logo online. An approved label is available through our partner. The hallmark draws the consumer's attention to the fact that the online shop is affiliated with Retourvignet, explaining that ordered items cannot be used or worn only to be returned with a request for a full refund.

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how does it work for you?

A more sustainable world, isn't that what we all want?

Online shops with our hallmark are actively working to prevent return abuse while reducing their ecological footprint. To reward this effort and to spread it widely, the online shop may use our logo.

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Getting Started

Will you help us reduce returns?

At Retourvignet, we are committed to protecting our beautiful planet. We do this by reducing both consumption and misuse of natural resources.

The goal is to build a community of retailers and e-commerce companies. Together, we are making a concerted effort to reduce the number of returns and create more consumer awareness. Together we form a movement that takes concrete steps and makes an impact.

Help us raise climate awareness and join forces on behalf of our planet.

Because there is no planet B.