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Do you have questions about the Retourvignet concept? Check out the list of frequently asked questions and answers below. If your question remains unanswered, please go to our contact page.

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Product information

Becoming a customer

  • In order to be permitted to use the Retourvignet, you will first be assessed. We do this to verify whether your company is eligible to use our vignettes. The use of the vignette is possible for both e-Commerce parties who sell to consumers and manufacturers who can provide products with the Retourvignet directly from the factory.

    Private individuals are not eligible.

  • To register your webshop for Retourvignet, we ask for the Chamber of Commerce number and the URL of your webshop, among other things.

    With this information we manually check your webshop for reliability, whether it complies with our conditions and whether the products you sell are suitable for the vignettes.

    We check the reliability of your online shop by looking at the Chamber of Commerce registration, affiliated (webshop) trustmarks, reviews, the impression of the website and the statement of the return process, return conditions and return address on the website.


  • All items are available per 1,000 pieces. Compound packages are available from 50,000 pieces or otherwise on request. Click here to go directly to the products page.

  • The prices for the packages depend on the composition. Flyers to send with orders are always included and each vignette always includes a hang tag.

  • Retourvignet's primary goal is to reduce return flows and prevent return abuse by consumers. There is a small revenue model. A portion is set aside for charities, and some funds will always need to be set aside for marketing purposes and new developments.

  • For the quantities mentioned, the prices are fixed. For larger quantities, please request a specified quote. Of course, the law of large numbers applies: larger quantity, higher discount.

Background Retourvignet

  • The idea originated with one of the developers of the Retourvignet, a large shoe importer that deals with many returns and return abuse. So we know the consequences of the extremely customer-friendly return policy in the Netherlands firsthand. Partly because of its negative impact on the carbon footprint, we were not willing and able to continue the practice.

  • The closer to the source, the better! In particular, to reduce handling costs. So yes, we also supply manufacturers. Gladly.

  • The initiative was started during a business trip in 2019. The product development of the seal vignette took 2 years, from 2019 to 2021. In November 2021, we launched Retourvignet.

  • Please feel free to contact us, as only together we can reduce the number of returns.

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