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Frequently Asked Questions

We have consciously chosen that not everyone with a Chamber of Commerce number can purchase our items at Retourvignet. In this way we reduce the risk of fraud with our labels.

In order to be permitted to use the Retourvignet, you will first be assessed. We do this to verify whether your company is eligible to use our vignettes. The use of the vignette is possible for both e-Commerce parties who sell to consumers and manufacturers who can provide products with the Retourvignet directly from the factory.

Private individuals are not eligible.

To register your webshop for Retourvignet, we ask for the Chamber of Commerce number and the URL of your webshop, among other things.

With this information we manually check your webshop for reliability, whether it complies with our conditions and whether the products you sell are suitable for the vignettes.

We check the reliability of your online shop by looking at the Chamber of Commerce registration, affiliated (webshop) trustmarks, reviews, the impression of the website and the statement of the return process, return conditions and return address on the website.

Curious about the how and why, read our frequently asked questions.